MAC Cosmetics Digital Marketing Strategy

MAC Cosmetics targets affluent Vogue readers via iPad sponsorship

Who is MAC Cosmetics?

MAC cosmetics was started in 1984 by Frank Toskan and Frank Angelo in Canada.

What is MAC Cosmetics? MAC offers makeup in a variety of tones, and colors that is durable for long hour photoshoots. They also offer skin care products as well as cosmestic brushes and applicators.

How this relates to digital marketing?

MAC teamed up with Vogue magazine to create a virtual experience for Vogue and MAC customers. The first issue of Vogue on the Ipad application featured Lady GaGa promoting MAC Cosmetics new product line “Viva Glam”. Inside the digital magaizine readers could watch videos of the Lady Gaga as well as listen to audio interviews of Lady GaGa. Furthermore, readers of this issue were able to play with MAC’s product line by playing with colors or products they like on a clean face. Then if readers were pleased or tempted to buy any of these MAC products all they had to do was click “Buy Lipstick” to go directly to MAC’s E-commerce site. All in all consumers were given an interactive experience by reading Vogue and shopping MAC Cosmetics.



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I think this is a great example of digital marketing because of the experience readers obtained. There was so much more to do, see and enjoy in this strategy than any traditional marketing would have to offer.  I much rather buy an issue of Vogue for my Ipad that I can come back to at any time, explore the products that are inside, watch videos and save the planet by not buying the paper issue.  I hope you will keep this strategy MAC Cosmetics used for your furture digital marketing strategies!




Marena Canese


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